To aware people in general and students and guardians in particular, the society has undertaken different program such as (1) Vision for Mission (2) Career Counseling (3) know your scope for scholarship/ Fellowship (4) Natural Environment, the boon of God (5) Know your country (6) Communal Harmony, the Fabric of our Country (7) Health is Wealth (8) Legal Rights Awareness Program

(1) Vision for Mission: This program has been formulated for the purpose of creating awareness among the students and guardians about making suitable plan for best of choice for the career of a student. To enlighten a student to have a dream to nourish for achieving great success in future life mass awareness program is arranged. It is a motivational program which is organized in three phases of (a) Discussion, (b) Demonstration, and (c) Interaction. This awareness program in rural areas will be preferred. Interested institute /organization may contact for collaborative program.

(2) Career Counseling: This program is arranged generally after completion of Final Examinations like HSLC, HS and TDC. The target group is students and guardians. Rural areas are to be given preference.

(3) Know your scope for scholarship /fellowship: This is awareness cum training program for encouraging students to apply online for scholarship / fellowship provided by the Government of India.

(4) Natural Environment, the Boon of God: In the present day world, protection of natural environment is a burning problem to give due importance. Mass awareness is the only way to save the earth form the danger of Global Warming. Therefore, arranging symposium, rally, quiz, debate ,essay competition , art competition etc are the different methods to be adopted for creating awareness among the mass people particularly students community.

(5) Know your country: To aware people particularly young generation about the unity and integrity of our nation, efforts are to be made. For this purpose, three phase program may be arranged: (a) Symposium on Freedom Fighting and Independence Quiz, (b) Video presentation on Great Men and Great Nation, (c) Symposium on Constitution Day, our rights and duties.

(6) We the People of India: India is a secular democratic welfare state. Communal harmony is the fabric of our nation. The main stream of the people of this country is Unity in Diversity. So , the overall development of this country and hence welfare of its citizens depends on the unity, integrity, communal harmony among the mass people irrespective of Caste, Creed, Sex, Religious belief etc. The preamble of our great constitution also reflects India as a secular, socialist, democratic republic.People with diverse religious belief and mother tongue and cultural tradition have been living side by side in this great country for thousands of years. However, some unwanted elements frequently try to create division among the mass people based on their religious Identity, Caste, language, regional differences. So, to defeat the evil design of such ill thinking people and to strengthen the unity of the nation Barak Education Society has initiated an awareness campaign under the banner of “We the People of India”.

(7) Health is Wealth: In this modern world people have different living pattern and life styles leading to health hazards. So creating awareness among mass people regarding protection, prevention, health Check up is the need of the hour. So, arranging free Health Camp with cooperation of medical experts to help the public may be organized.

(8) Legal Rights Awareness Program: Legal counseling is another aspect where mass people are to be made aware about their rights and scopes for saving themselves from unnecessary involvement in matters related to legal questions. RTI is an important field where people can be made aware of their rights.