Central Executive Committee

The Central Executive Committee is the Chief Executive Body of the society. It is constituted every year in the annual General Meeting generally held in the month of April-May every year.

The members of the present Executive Committee (2018-19) :

Sl.No. Name of the office bearer Designation Contact no Image
1 Dr. Alauddin Mondal President 9401425431  AUM
2  Advocate Taz Uddin Laskar Working President 9954015218  TULaskar
3 Mr. Jamil Ahmed Barbhuiya Vice President 9706193750 JAB
4 Mr. Didarul Islam Talukdar Vice President 9435231036  DIT
5 Mr. Lal Mia Laskar General Secretary 9435072786  Lal
6 Mr. Ali Hussain Barbhuiya Joint Secretary 9435572840  Ali
7 Mr. Abul Hussain Laskar Asstt. General Secretary 8472951755  Abul
8 Mr. Jakaria Ahmed Barbhuiya Asstt. General Secretary 9864345593  Jakaria
9 Alhaz Ikbal Bahar Laskar Publicity Secretary 9435276229  Mahmud
10 Mr.Nur Ahmed Mazumder Office Secretary 9854225770  Nur
 11  Advocate Mahmud Hassan Mazumder  Member  9706780378  Mahmud
 12  Mr. Ragib Hussain Choudhury  Member  9401302861  RHC
 13  Mr. Baharul Islam Laskar  Member  9854127389  Baharul
14  Dr.Nijoy Kumar Paul Member  9401154019  Nijoy
15  Ms. Lailey Begum Barbhuiya Member  9401942472  Laily
16  Mr. Ruhul Amin Member  9734882063  RA
17  Dr. Monjur Ahmed Laskar Member  9401987033  MAL
18  Mr. Fazal Uddin Ahmed Member  9435370946  Fazal
19  Ms. Minara Choudhury Member  9706444424  Minara
20  Mr. Mahim Uddin Laskar Member  9854405627  Mahim
21  Mr. Jayanta Kr Das Member  9435231706
22  Mr. Altaf Hussain Barbhuiya Member  9854213014  Altaf
23 Dr. Abul Hassan Chaudhury Member & Central Coordinator, BES 9435370812 Hasan