To empower students, youths and particularly women, the society has taken initiative for various programs

  1. Career Counseling and Information Centre: A Career Counseling & Information Centre has been started in 2006. The primary objective of the centre is to guide students and guardians for choosing suitable streams / courses for admission as per eligibility and future prospects. The centre has been arranging different programs from time to time. Interested organizations / institutions may contact General Sectary of the society to collaborate in organizing such program particularly in rural areas of Barak Valley.
  1. Special program for empowerment of women: Women Empowerment and Development is one of the key areas, where the society is giving priority. Women’s Intellectual Meets are arranged from time to time to create awareness among them about their rights, duties and responsibilities towards the society as well as the country.  A Women’s Forum will be formed in near future to take up different program particularly to work for promotion of quality education among the girls from poor and backward areas. The forum will be used a platform for exchange of thoughts and views on different issues related to women’s rights in our society as well as in the country.
  2. Establishment of Centre for Guidance, Training and Research: One of the prime objectives of the society is to establish a Centre for imparting Coaching, training, guidance to the educated youths to make them prepared to take part in different competitive examinations at local, regional and even national level for admission or employment. This centre may take up short term program on remedial English / spoken or communicative English, journalism, literary activities, research paper writing and such other relevant activities.  Publication of research journal Intellection may be taken under the purview of the centre.