Founder and Leading Members

Dr. Abul Hassan Chaudhury, presently Assistant Registrar, Assam University, Silchar, is the key person to think over the genesis of establishing such an organization with an area of operation as Barak valley. At his initiative, others with social service mentality have joined the mission. To mention the prominent and active persons such as Hazi Md. Abdul Jalil, now retired Assistant Registrar, Assam University, Advocate Taz Uddin Laskar, Silchar, Mr. Shamsuddin, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Cachar College, Silchar, Dr. Jaynal Uddin Ahmed, presently professor, at NEHU (Tura Campus) , Mr. Khasrul Islam, Presently Manager, Ajmal Foundation , Hojai,  Mr. Gulam Mustafa Laskar and  Mr. Fazal Uddin Ahmed of Assam University,  Mr. Abul Hussain Laskar, Assistant Manager, UIIC, Ltd , Silchar, Dr. Sadeque Ahmed Laskar, Assistant professor, West Silchar College, Mr. Ikbal Bahar Laskar , Journalist ,Mr. Ilias Ali Barbhuiya, H.T, LP School, Mr. Abdullah Hussain Laskar, Assistant Professor, Nilambazar College, and many others.

Among other important persons associated with this society are Prof Nikunja Bihari Biswas, Dean, School of Education, Assam University, Prof G.D .Sharma, former Pro-Vice Chancellor, Assam University and presently Vice-Chancellor, Bilashpur University, Prof Rafiqul Islam, the then Professor, Department of Chemistry, Assam University, Dr. K.M.Baharul Islam, presently Chairperson, Administrative and Finance, IIM, Kashipur, Jb Aulad Husssain Choudhury, Retd. Superintending Engineer, Water Resource Division, Silchar, Cachar, Jb Abdul Malique, Retd. Director, CDC, Assam University, Dr. Merina Islam, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Cachar College, Dr. M. Faruq Hussain, Associate Professor, Department of Earth Science, Assam University, Jb Humayun Bakt, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Assam University, Dr. Swapan Kr Dutta, Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Assam University, Dr. Anindya Syam Choudhury, Assistant Professor,  Department of English, Assam University, Dr. Sk Jashim Uddin, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Assam University,  Dr. Najmul Islam Barbhuiya, Assistant Professor, Department of Arabic, Assam University, Dr. Maynul Hoque, Assistant Professor, Department of History, G.C. College, Silchar, Dr. Nijoy Kr Paul, Professional Assistant, Central Library, Assam University, Md. Aynul Hoque, Assistant professor, IFCAI, Agratala, Dr. Ayesha Afsana, Guest Faculty, Assam University, Dr. Mujibur Rahman Choudhury, Publisher, Dainik Nababarta Prasanga, Mr. Anwar Hussain Laskar,Social Development officer, Town and Country Planning Department, Guwahati , Dr. Shahin Ara Begum, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Assam University  and many others

Leading Members

Sl No. Chief Advisor President General Secretary  Session
 1 Jb Md. Abdul Malique Hazi Md. Abdul Jalil Abul Hassan Chaudhury 1997- 98
 2    -do- Dr. K.M. Baharul Islam -do- 1998-99
 3 Dr. Nikunja Bihari Biswas -do- -do- 1999- 2000
 4  -do- Hazi Md Abdul Jalil -do- 2000-2001
 5 Dr. K.M.Baharul Islam -do- Taz Uddin Laskar 2001-02
 6 Dr. Nikunja Bihari Biswas Prof. M. Rafiqul Islam -do- 2002-03
 7 -do- -do- -do- 2003-04
 8 -do- -do- -do- 2004-05
 9 Jb Md. Abdul Malique Dr. Nikunja Bihari Biswas Abul Hassan Chaudhury 2005-06
 10     -do-     -do- -do- 2006-07
 11     -do-     -do- -do- 2007-08
 12 Prof. Nikunja Bihari Biswas Jb Aulad Hussain Choudhury Taz Uddin Laskar 2008-09
 13     -do- Hazi Md Abdul Jalil Jamil Ahmed Barbhuiya 2009-10
 14     -do- -do- -do- 2010-11
 15 Prof. O H. Mehdi -do- Dr.Najmul Islam Barbhuiya 2011-12
 16 -do- -do- -do- 2012-13
 17 Prof Nikunja Bihari Biswas Prof O.H.Mehdi Taz Uddin Laskar 2013-14
 19 Jb Taimur Raja Choudhury -do-  -do- 2014-15