The Intellection is a bi-annual peer-reviewed research journal published by the Barak Education Society, a non-profit organization, founded in Silchar in 1997. Ever since the first issue published in 2013, the Intellection has grown in stature and reputation over the years, to emerge as one of the very few inter-disciplinary research journals coming out of Barak Valley in southern Assam, to be recognized nationally and internationally. A large part of the credit goes to the tireless contribution made by the previous editorial board members of the Intellection, particularly in its formative years. Their vision lent a definite shape and direction to the journal, underscoring its philosophy to provide a space to researchers from the region to publish their research findings and present them to a wider global audience. In this journey of the Intellection, no less significant is the contribution of the researchers, in publishing their research papers, the dedicated panel of peer reviewers across disciplines, the nurturing by stalwarts from academia and civil society of Barak Valley, and technical and logistical support provided by the Barak Education Society. All of them have helped in enriching the quality of the journal.
The interdisciplinary character of the journal is reflected in the content of the research papers published, ranging from the social sciences to the humanities to the liberal arts. The content published in Intellection represents the journal’s long-standing commitment to foreground and promote empirical research on the various social, political, economic and cultural dimensions of Barak Valley. However, the journal is equally committed to publish research articles from researchers anywhere in the world that extends the discourse on contemporary society and culture in a post-global, post-industrial, and lately, a post-Covid world.
A new editorial board of the Intellection has recently been formed. The editorial board has some of the most reputed academicians from all over the world, and distinguished in their respective areas of expertise. I am honoured to be nominated as the editor of the Intellection. I accept this mantle with gratitude. As this new board takes over, we welcome quality research papers from researchers that promote understanding of a wide range of research methods, approaches and paradigms from their respective fields of study. We encourage research papers that employ a mixture of interdisciplinary methods and analytical approaches that critically reflect and contribute to a better, nuanced and critical appreciation of the research problem. I hope that Intellection continues to serve as an intellectual bridge between researchers and the global academic community at large and also help create greater understanding about this remote region and its people to the outside world.


(Dr. Syed Murtaza Alfarid Hussain)