Guidelines for Publication

Intellection (ISSN: 2319-8192)
A Bi-annual Interdisciplinary Research Journal

Interested authors may kindly note that the following guidelines are required to be adhered to for this purpose for publishing research paper in Intellection.
1. Research paper must be original and unpublished which is to be certified by the author.
2. The title of the paper should be appropriate for its contents. The paper should be written with proper methodology.
3. There should be keywords, introduction, objective, data analysis, and findings. There must be references furnished as per system of research paper writing.
4. The paper should be composed as MS Word document of 7 to 8 pages printed in A4 size paper and text should be in font size of 12 in Times New Roman with 1.5 spaces on one side with 3 cm margin.
5. The research article should have an abstract of not more than 200 words.
6. The author should take sufficient care avoiding for spelling and other grammatical mistakes
7. The author(s) should send the article through e-mail as attachment file. In addition to hard copy may also require to be sent.
8. A short note about the author should accompany the article which must contain full name, postal and email address, phone Number, academic accomplishment and positions held if any.
9. The research paper will be duly reviewed by the experts and no research paper will be published without specific recommendation of the reviewer(s).
10. Article accepted after review will be published as per decision of the publication committee. The identity of the reviewer(s) cannot be disclosed.
11. Each issue of the journal will be uploaded and published in the website :
12. The Editorial Board have every right to reject any research article on reasonable ground.
Prof Nikunja Bihari Biswas, Dean, School of Educational Sciences, Assam University, Silchar is the Chief Editor of the journal. For further information one may request through email id given below.
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