Intellection : A Bi-Annual Research Journal

At the initiative of Barak Education Society, a bi-annual peer reviewed research journal named Intellection has been being published from January 2013. It is registered with ISSN: 2319-8192 as per GOI rules. The society has so far published ten issues of the journal.

Vol.I. No.I, January-June, 2013

Vol.I., No.II, July-December, 2013

Vol.II, NO.I, January-June, 2014

Vol.II, No.II, July-December, 2014

Vol.III, No.I, January-June, 2015

Vol.III, No.II, July-December, 2015

Vol.IV, No.I, January-June, 2016

Vol.IV, No.II, July-December, 2016

Vol.V, No.I, January-June, 2017

Vol.V, No.II, July-December, 2017