Rules for Membership

(a) Qualification to become a member:
(I) Any Indian citizen residing temporarily/ permanently in the area of operation i.e Barak Valley having good character may become a member.
(II) The willing person must have attained minimum age of 21 (twenty one) years.
(III) He/ she must pay Rs.50.00 as admission/ membership fee.
(IV) He/she must agree with the aims and objects of the society.
(v)He/ she is not involved in any activity related to moral turpitude.
(b) Type of members: There will be two types of members viz.
(I) General   Members
(II) Associate members
(I)General Members: For becoming a general member one has to comply with the followings:
(i) He/She will be required to submit prescribed filled up admission form of the society with necessary declaration.
(ii) He/she will have minimum qualification of H.S. or equivalent exam passed.
(iii) He/She shall pay Rs.100/- as annual fee in every year and any other subscription as decided by the Executive Committee from time to time.
(iv) He/She shall comply with all formalities formulated by the Executive / General body from time to time.
(v) He/she has no active involvement with any political party.
Note: A person may become a life member if he/she pays a one time subscription of Rs.1000/-(Rupees one thousand only) as membership fee. A person so enrolled as life member shall have the same status, rights, duties etc as that of a general member. He/she will not be required to pay Annual fee as mentioned in b (I)(iii)
(II) Associate Member:
(i) One who is a well wisher of the society and agrees with the aims and objects and applies for such membership with necessary fees will be treated as Associate member of the society.
(ii) An associate member shall have no voting power and is not eligible to be selected/ elected in the Executive Committee but he/she may attend general meeting.